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This is 15 Folds

15 Folds

15Folds is a digital art gallery founded in London in 2012.

Each month 15Folds chooses a theme (Confessions, for example) and makes a GIF that subject. 14 other artists and creatives are then invited to respond to the theme with their own GIFs. The resulting 15 works are published on the Tumblr-based platform every other day throughout the month, creating a monthly group show that examines a topic or idea through the lens of digital art.

Visitors to the site can also make their own animated GIF art with a custom-built drag-and-drop GIF maker. In 2014 the group staged their first show, Everything All At Once, an IRL GIF exhibition in London. The show used custom Augmented Reality to liberate GIFs from the browser and featured works from Bart Hess, Matthew Stone and Kim Asendorf. You can read more about it here and here. Recent projects have included partnerships with The Serpentine, Patternity & Absolut.

This month's theme is Extinction.

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15 Folds

One chain. 15 Folds.
Each one inspired by this month's theme - Extinction
A project in conjunction with the serpentine gallery as part of the 2014 marathon #extinction

17 February
By Vince Mckelvie, artist
Follow the ‘Alone Together’ thread on


By Vince Mckelvie, artist

Follow the ‘Alone Together’ thread on

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